Bobbie Mojito Swatches!...

bobbie mojito nail polish
Mojito 8 mL
Php 36.00 / US$ 0.80

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to show you my swatches of Bobbie Mojito. Some of you might remember this polish as the background color for my Simple Stars Stamping Nail Art. This is one of seven polishes from their Holoprism collection (I think they're all named after an alcoholic drink). Aside from Mojito, there's Weng Weng, Purple Passion, Margarita, Vodka on Ice, Mint Daquiri and Mudslide.

bobbie mojito nail polish 2
Mojito is a dark reddish violet polish filled with a ton of holo particles. Formula was on the thin and watery side but I still managed to achieve opacity with three coats. Application was a breeze, everything leveled out beautifully.
bobbie mojito nail polish 3
What do you think? Can you see the rainbow hidden within the sparkle? Hihi. Mojito is definitely my favorite out of all seven. I really love dark colored holos more than light colored ones. Anyway, thanks for dropping by today and supporting my blog! Goodbye and I'll see you again tomorrow!

Stay tuned for swatches of the other six polishes from the Holoprism collection - Weng Weng, Purple Passion, Margarita, Vodka on Ice, Mint Daquiri and Mudslide.


  1. Such a beautiful color and pretty nails!
    Wanna follow each other? Please let me know! :) Kiss*

  2. this is such a pretty color. LOVE!

  3. looks very pretty on your nails.

  4. i have never heard about Bobbie trade mark but i like them all you show !


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