Stamping Nail Art Fail...

REVLON Amber Ablaze
BOBBIE Matte Top Coat

A46 from MyOnlineShop

Hi everyone! I really wanted to show you some stamping nail art today. Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned. And I didn't have enough time to redo everything. And I have to go out soon. Eeeeek. 

I first applied three coats of Tony Moly ND06 then I added a matte top coat. I knew something's going to go wrong when I waited around two hours for that to dry. I then used Revlon Amber Ablaze to stamp these cool looking swirls. *sighs*... I'm not sure of what happened but I think I applied too much pressure and the images got distorted.
Normally, I would remove everything and start all over but I have to go out tonight. I needed to repair as much of the damage as possible so I used the smallest brush I have and tried to make swirls to hide the mistakes (I added random swipes here and there). Nope. I made it worse. lol. Oh well. I'll just use my weird charming personality to distract people from my nails. Hihi.
Oh! Miracle of miracles! I think the one on my thumb nail looks okay. What do you think? Does it look bad? Hihi. Thanks for dropping by and supporting my blog! Good bye and I'll see you again tomorrow!


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  2. you did not do a bad job! you would need a microscope to see any issues. great job!


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