Bobbie Weng Weng Swatches!...

bobbie weng weng
Weng Weng 8 mL
Php 36.00 / US$ 0.80

Hi everyone! Just a quick post to show you my swatches of another polish from this collection. I also found out that I've posted about the other polishes (Mojito, Purple Passion, Mint Daquiri, Margarita, Mudslide, Vodka on Ice) and this is the only one left that I didn't have any recent swatches of. Weeee~ Mission accomplished.

bobbie weng weng nail polish
Weng Weng is a bluish gray polish filled with scattered holo particles. I applied three coats for these swatches and I'm pretty happy with its opacity. Formula was thin and it glided on smoothly. I searched Google for what the cocktail looks like and this is nothing like it. lol.
bobbie holoprism weng weng
I love this! Those gorgeous holo particles are more pronounced in this polish compared to the others (I swatched Vodka on Ice and Mudslide around a month ago before I revamped my blog and I didn't want to reswatch it so soon so I decided to keep using those swatches). Which one is your favorite cocktail polish? Hihi. Thank you all for dropping by! Good bye and I'll see you again tomorrow!

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