Born Pretty Store W22 Image Plate Review and Simple Stars Nail Art?...

KAND Black Stamping Polish


Hi everyone! Today I have another item from Born Pretty Store to show you. They sent me this together with the round glitters set and the QA82 image plate. I'd done something extravagant with the other two so I wanted to try something simple and easy this time.

I must say, this image plate is definitely anything but simple! It has 13 designs ranging from flowers to stars. I stamped all 13 designs once on a sheet of acetate and all of them stamped fairly well. A couple of missing parts here and there but I think the important details were still there.

Here's a closer look at the nail art itself. I first applied three coats of Bobbie Mojito then I stamped these cool looking stars (3 o'clock position on the image plate) on the left side of my nails using black stamping polish. I wanted them to look like tattoos on my nails.
And as an accent, I stamped the middle design on my thumb because it looked like a star-shaped Christmas lantern (or a parol). I guess you can say I'm starting to feel the Christmas air around here (it's definitely cold enough).
So, what do you think? Do you like my simple and fun nail art? This was so easy to make and it took less than an hour to finish doing it. Thank you again to Born Pretty Store for sending me this to me. And thank you all for dropping by and supporting my blog! Good bye for now and I'll see you again tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful placement of the images. :) I also love the base you used. :)

  2. great review! I love the pink base polish you used and the black stars go well with it too!


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