La Belle Black Gold Swatches!...

la belle black gold
Black Gold 10 mL
Php 31.00 / US$ 0.69

Hi everyone! A long time ago, I was browsing through the nail polish shelves in the local drugstore when this one caught my eye. I looked closer and saw the contrast between the dark base and the gold shimmer. I bought it immediately. I just knew I'll never find anything like it ever again.

la belle black gold swatch
Black Gold is a black polish filled with a ton of superfine gold dust. All that dust gives it this amazing gold shimmer that sometimes looks olive green. The formula's a little thin but I still managed opacity in just three coats. And the brushstrokes may be visible in these photos but in real life, they're not that obvious.
la belle black gold
Like I said, gorgeous! This is perfect for those who want to be goth with a hint of glam underneath. Hihi. What do you think? Thanks for dropping by and showing your love! I have to say goodbye now but I'll definitely see you again tomorrow!

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