Oooohhhh gold!...

Tadaaaa! Oops. Sorry for the blurry picture. I don't know why but my camera just won't focus so I can get a good shot of my nails. 
Anyway, I was rummaging around my nail polish bin for inspiration when I stumbled upon this cool gold Chanel decal and some tape. I did the gold inverted V first using the tape (very very easy to do). I then placed the logo on my ring finger. I originally planned to put one on each of my fingers but when I only counted 10 of them, I immediately changed my mind. I wanted to save them for future nail art attempts. Kekeke.
As I was rummaging, I also noticed that I don't have any black or white nail polish at all (they're like basic necessities when doing nail art)! Gyaaaa! I really need to list everything I have somewhere. 
Now, I really hope you like my design. I'm currently searching for nail art inspirations and I think I may do a Tetris Battle-inspired one soon. Oh, I also bought a tripod. I think I will post about how I apply my nail polish sooner. Kekeke. Stay tuned! 


  1. You've done great job! Very nice nail art, even though it was blurry but it looks good. Keep up the good work!

    You can also find nail art stuff at Nail Art Station


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