The Sky is Blue!...

Php 120 / $ 2.82

Ooooohhh sky blue! I did this right after I ate and it was a little hard because I can't seem to apply even coats. I don't really know why but maybe it had something to do with what I ate. Still, the color is gorgeous!
Don't you think this nail polish just screams for nail art? I mean, I can just imagine clouds on them and the sun on my ring finger. Kekeke. 
Anyway, a friend of mine stayed at my place last night and we spent at least 3 hours rummaging around my nail art bin. We had lots of fun doing (attempting, on my part) different nail art techniques (dotting, striping, adding fimos) on our nails. I really wanted to show you something cool but I failed every time I tried to do it. I clearly need the practice (and practice I will) so I'll say good night for now and see you tomorrow.


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    1. Thank you! I think I saw this nail polish on your blog. Hihi.


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