Heart Water Decals from Born Pretty Store

Hi everyone! Today I'll show you a pair of water nail decals I got from Born Pretty Store. They had a Lucky Bag promo where you can get two of them for just $0.99. I received an uncut decal sheet filled with hearts and another decal sheet full of Christmas-themed stuff. I saved the latter for Christmas and I tried on the former.

Disclaimer: Nail decals were sent for review. Polishes used were bought using my own money. All opinions are my own. Click here for more info.


BORN PRETTY STORE 2 for $0.99 Lucky Bag

These heart water decals have a clear base so I needed to apply my own base color. I chose white and black (for my accent nail) to see the contrast with the red hearts.
Take note - these are uncut water decals which means you're on your own here. lol. So first I just measured the width and length of my nails and cut out rectangles. Then I applied them like normal water decals. Now, I encountered some wrinkles here and there (because my nails are curved) but after applying the top coat, they weren't really that obvious. Finally, using nail polish remover, I cleaned the excess product off. And tadaa~ I give you luuuv.

I really like how they turned out though I think I prefer them on my white nails. I would definitely recommend them to those who don't have that much time to do nail art stuff. I mean, it took me like 30 minutes to do this. I can't wait to buy some more decals from Born Pretty Store. Weeeee. What do you think? Have you tried water decals before? Let me know in the comments below and thank you for dropping by today! Good bye and I'll see you again soon!

You can also use my coupon code KAG10 to get 10% off non-sale products from Born Pretty Store. They sell a ton of water decals (like the ones above) and other nail art stuff. They also sell makeup, jewelry, clothing, novelty items and more! Best of all, they ship worldwide for FREE. Yasss, FREEEE. lol. For me, that's a huuuge discount already. Woohoo! For more info, click my Disclosure tab above.


  1. Hi. How have you been?
    the water decals are lovely :) XX

    1. Hiiiii! I've been busy but otherwise fine. I'll drop by your blog soon.

  2. These nails look great, very cute. I'm your new follower :)


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