Tony Moly GR03 and Dearrus Noblesse NM22 Review

Today I will show you two yogurt polishes we (me and my sister) bought. One's from Tony Moly and the other one's from Dearrus. Brief background: yogurt nail polishes (also known as milky glitters) are polishes filled with different colored glitters in different shapes or sizes. As opposed to your glitter top coats which have a clear base, yogurt polishes have a colored base that adds a sort of layered look after two or three coats of application. That's why they've been my favorite ever since I tried my very first one on. And here's a couple more to convince you that this type of polish is the most awesome of them all. lol.

GR03 Lemon Cereal ? mL
Php 178 / US$ 4.02

Lemon Cereal is a light yellow polish filled with a ton of glitters (as listed below).

- small, medium and large matte white 
  square glitters
- large matte white bar glitters
- large matte white hexagonal glitters
- small and large metallic pink 
  hexagonal glitters
- small metallic turquoise hexagonal glitters

Overall, application went on smoothly even though I had to apply five coats to fully cover my nail line. A good amount of glitters comes with every swipe and I didn't experience bubbles in between each layer so I'm very happy about buying this polish.

Lastly, I also took a macro shot to really show you the different glitters found in it.

NM22 ? mL
~Php 300 / US$ 6.78

This polish was a souvenir from my sister when she went to Malaysia. I thought it was a Malaysian brand but when I checked the label at the back, it said that it was made in Korea. Uhm, does this mean I imported this twice? lol.
NM22 is a bright green polish filled with large metallic pink and metallic turquoise hexagonal glitters. I applied three coats for these swatches. You might have to be a little careful while applying this as the size of the glitters made it prone to bubbles. But, I'm also pretty happy that I didn't have to fish for them.

Here's a closer look at what I'm talking about.

And as bonus shots, I applied matte top coats on both of them. GR03 Lemon Cereal remained almost the same but NM22 looked even more gorgeous! Hmmmm. What do you think? Which one looks better? If you know anything about the Dearrus brand, please let me know. I want to buy all of their yogurt polishes! Hihi. 

Thank you all for dropping by today! I will read your comments tomorrow when I wake up. Good bye for now and I'll see you again soon!


  1. I really like the Tony Moly polish, maybe its because I am less partial to green nail polish but the TM one looks really pretty! I love the pastel lemon color! And I've never heard of the other brand, it looks exciting. Haha maybe i'll look it up!

    1. Ooohhh. Maybe you can find some Tony Molys there. They have a lot more colors available though I didn't buy any more as I'm trying to use everything first. Hihi.

  2. These look so cute on your nails! I am loving the chunky glitters, Lemon Cereal really does make me think of lucky charms or something similar! xx


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