Magnum Minis, Gangnam Chicken, Korean Products and Messy Rooms?...

Hi everyone! Here are some random moments from another week in the Life of Kat. I was alone at home and I tried to clean up a bit (a bit, being the key words in this sentence). I didn't realize one five foot two girl can make such a huge mess. lol.

Messy bed, messy table, messy floor - just call me messy girl. *hides*

On the other hand, I've finally finished sorting all my nail polish.
They're all safe in their containers.
And yes, sorting my nail polish trumps cleaning everything else. lol.

I didn't want to cook so I went out to eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken.
I tried their newest offering, the KFC Gangnam Chicken.
I love the combination of the spicy chicken and the almost sweet coleslaw.

For dessert, I bought a box of Magnum Minis!
These are sooooo cuuuuute! And so tiny. lol.

I didn't realize we had so many paperbacks.
This is my sister's bookshelf (we combined our collections).
And I still have two large bags full of books!
Eeeek. What do I do?

I also finished putting up our tree.
I just realized it will be Christmas in just over a month.
Better start shopping for gifts to avoid the madness chaos.

Also, my mom is back from South Korea.
And she has some goodies! 
We now have a ton of face masks and skin care stuff.
Maybe I'll try them. Maybe. Hihi.

Finally, we have Korean nail polishes!
I can't wait to try all of them!

And that's all we have for this week! How about you? How did your week go? Thanks for dropping by! Good bye and I'll see you again tomorrow!


  1. Ahhhh so jelly of your polishes! <3 Hope to see some swatches soon hihi
    Oh, btw are you Korean?
    Yum, Gangnam Chicken xD Sounds interesting.
    Well, my week's been really stressful actually. Uni is keeping me busy. Have a test and a presentation next week and two in December so I have to do lots of work -.- But on the other hand, my subjects are really interesting so I do enjoy it as well ^.^

    1. Hi Anhy! I'm proudly Filipina (I live in the Philippines). Though some people say I look Korean/Japanese, I'm purely Filipina. Hihi. Sounds like you have been pretty busy last week. Just don't forget to take a little break now and then. And good luck with your studies!

  2. You two have BOOKS! HaHaHa I think that's cool! I LOVE BOOKS, but I'm back and forth so I'll be switching to an ereader for portability. Now, I won't have to dust or arrange anything. HAHAHA It's always so COOL to see familiar fast food places and what they serve abroad. I wish we had those choices! We don't even get a flag. hahahah

    1. Hahaha. Thanks Kim! We started hoarding these books before we had ebook readers. Hihihi. Yup, that flag is sooo cute.


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