Stop Buying More Nail Polish...

Dear Kat,

                     Stop Buying Nail Polish! 

                                                                          Your Conscience

It's time to ban myself again from buying nail polish. I just finished updating THE STASH list and I can't believe I now have 481 bottles! That's not counting my base coats, top coats, stamping polishes and stuff.... Which means I have around 500 bottles! And I've only swatched 54 which is only 11% of my collection! Eeeeeeeek!...

I therefore promise that:
- I will only look at the polish.
- I will not buy it.
- I will control myself.
- I will not be swayed by their cheapness.
- I will always think about the hordes of stuff I still haven't tried at home.
- I need to post swatches of at least half of my stash before I can buy anything.



  1. haha you are amazing. Don't listen to conscience :P But 500 bottle of polishes wow *faints* I just have 50 or somethings. I am not allowed to buy polishes randomly *Cries*. I would love to see the swatches of them all :D

    1. Hehe. Thanks! I'll try my best to post them all.

  2. I will not be swayed by their cheapness. Waaah! Ako to!!!

  3. HAHAHA! That's so wild Kat! I have FAITH you can do it.

  4. do you believe that i must not count my bottles.i take them in drawers, and dont want to husband will be angry hahahah ..

    1. lol. I don't count mine too. I think they're too many now.


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