Cutex Lime N' Licious Swatches!...

cutex lime n' licious swatch
Lime N' Licious 15 mL
Php 169 / US$ 3.78

Hi! This is the second polish I have from this collection (the first one's Sky Fondant). My camera had a hard time capturing the awesomeness of its color but I must say it's very unique. I usually stay away from buying shades like this but it's just sooo pretty.

cutex lime n' licious swatch
Cutex Lime N' Licious is a yellow green crelly filled with micro green glitters, medium yellow hexagonal glitters and large green hexagonal glitters. It's a little sheer so I had to apply four coats to avoid VNLs (Visible Nail Line). I was also surprised by how smoothly this glided on regardless of all those glitters.
cutex lime n' licious swatch
And like I said, I tend to avoid greens like this because it clashes with my skin tone. Maybe if I add some stamping it won't clash that badly. Oooohh~ Icky green nails for Halloween, anyone? What do you think? Hehe.
macro shot cutex lime n' licious
One last macro shot of my nail before I go. Thank you all for your support! Gotta say good bye for now but I'll definitely see you again soon!

I'm going to post daily again. Because I want to swatch everything and buy nail polish. Because I love you all! Hihi. Mwah. Oh, and does anyone know any nail polish groups I can join?

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  1. Never heard of this brand but wow! It sure makes some great nailpolish :-)

    1. I've never heard of this brand eighter!
      But I love the finish and this polish looks great ;)

      xx julia

    2. Hi Julia! I hope it will be available there too.

  2. Replies
    1. Yup! Maybe I should've done some nail art on top.

  3. Wow. I love it. its so beautiful and look at those GLITTER :O

  4. You are so good at this! What a color!!!

  5. mamma mia , cutex series is also fantastic :)


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