Ruffle Nail Art?...


CARONIA First Crush
CARONIA Baby Pink 
CARONIA White Satin 

Hi! I saw this cool nail art technique while browsing through this awesome blog I found yesterday and I just had to try it out as soon as possible.

I applied First Crush on my nails (see here) and since I like the color I decided to use that as the base for this nail art. Now, I originally wanted to do purple and yellow ruffles (ube and cheese ice cream.. yum!) but I didn't find the right shade of yellow so I added pink and white ones instead.
I made these ruffles using the biggest dotting tool I can find (a chopstick, lol). I first made a row of pink dots and then white dots and then repeated all the colors. Baby Pink sort of blended into First Crush so it looks a little dull here but it's really bright by itself.

Anyway, a friend of mine wanted to see some matte nails so I added a matte top coat on top of everything. It's a good thing that I did because it muted the bright colors a bit. I really like this technique and I'm sure I'll do the purple and yellow combination one of these days. lol. (still craving for some ice cream). Thanks for dropping by! Good bye and I'll see you again soon!

I am now aggressively hunting (I repeat, AGGRESSIVELY hunting)  for some local polishes that I'm missing. Please pray that I find what I'm looking for. Thanks!


  1. I LOVE THIS and that you used a chopstick!!!! Good thinkin!

    It's so nice to hear that I inspired you too :) Thanksss

    1. Thank you! Your posts are really inspiring! I can't stop the flow of ideas.

  2. Very pretty manicure, love the colors you used and the chopstick idea!

  3. very cute mani!!! love that lil design


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