Sasatinnie FCGL001!...

FCGL001 "Blue Steel" 12 mL
RM 8.90? / $ 2.99

Hi! This nail polish is one of many I received from Nikki in this nail mail. It's very hard to take a photo to show you the awesomeness of this nail polish but I promise I picked the best shots to show you.

I'm not really familiar with this brand and I tried to google its name and "Blue Steel" came up. Anyway, Blue Steel is a bluish purple nail polish filled with rainbow holo flakies that shift from red/copper to green/yellow. The shape of the bottle is really unique and the design is very intricate. I love it! Also, I tried to zoom in on the bottle to show you the shifting colors.
The real question is... will they show on the nails? Answer? YES. *dances* Hooray for awesome rainbow flakies! Just... yipee! Now, It's a little sheer so I applied four coats to achieve full coverage but the formula was amazing so I didn't mind at all. 
For the last shot under the bright, bright, briiiiigghhht afternoon sun, I applied a matte top coat to highlight the glitters and noticed that there were silver micro glitters as well. Whoaaaa~ More awesomeness! lol. Anyway, my internet connection's a little cray-cray right now (because of the rain) and I'm afraid that the electricity will go crazy too so I'll say good bye for now and I'll see you again soon! 


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