Caronia First Crush!...

Php 33.25 / US$ 0.81

Hi! I have a nail polish from another local brand for you today. This is First Crush from Caronia. It's part of their Sweet Bliss collection last last year, I think. 

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while. My room is a huge mess right now. I've disposed of (at least) five bags of garbage and I still haven't made that much progress. I'm seriously trying to organize everything but I seem to just move things around randomly. lol. 

Anyway, enough of my messy life. Let's now focus on First Crush. Caronia describes this as a rich lilac. I applied two coats to achieve full coverage. Formula was a bit thick but that may be because this nail polish is almost two years old. It really reminds me of ube ice cream. Yummm~
*gasps* Yes, this nocturnal being has braved the brilliant sunshine outside just to take this last shot. lol. Anyway, thanks for dropping by! I'll go visit some of my favorite blogs now. Good bye and I'll see you soon. 


  1. Beautiful color!

    Would you like to follow each other? :)

    My nail polish blog

  2. I love this shade! This is one of my faves from the Sweet Bliss collection. Yeah, medyo thick rin yung formula nung sakin but the color is lovely :D

    Your post reminded me na I have to clean and organize my room na rin. Haha. My dresser is a mess!

    1. Hehe. I know you'll finish cleaning before me. My nail polish collection has outgrown my boxes na kasi. Haha. Hindi ko alam kung saan ko sila ilalagay. Hahaha.


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