Dracula Nails?...

Hiiiiiii! This was supposed to be my entry for the "Halloween character" theme for this Halloween Nail Art Challenge. I scheduled this post ahead of time but for some unknown reason, I clicked "Save" instead of "Publish" so this post went straight to my Drafts. *face palm* 

Anyway, I tried to draw Dracula on my nails. Now, I'm a little torn about this design. I wanted to draw Dracula cutely but I think he looks really scary instead. lol. I also had a hard time drawing those fangs using a toothpick so I used this really (really, ... really) tiny cross stitch needle instead.
I hope you like Dracula on my nails. Don't forget to look at what the other participants did in the links below. Also, if you have any nail art challenges for the coming months, please tell me so that I can participate. I'll go visit your lovely blogs now. Good night and I'll see you again soon!


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