Late Bat Nails!...

Hiiiiiiii! I'm really sorry I haven't posted lately. My internet connection died and I've been trying to revive it all week. 
Gah, I don't really want to dwell on that so let's just proceed to the nail art challenge. The next theme for the Halloween Nail Art Challenge is "bat". I used Bobbie Salmon (again) for the base and then drew some bats here and there. I really had a hard time drawing those wings (and those ears too). Hihi. 
Anyway, I also missed the challenge regarding spiders. I'll just submit my "Cobweb Nails" again because I think that's the best spider I've ever drawn in my entire life. lol. I hope you like them. Don't forget to check the other challengers' entries below. Good bye for now and I'll see you again tomorrow!


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