Bobbie Mojito!...

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Hi! It's raining so hard here I have a feeling the lights will be out soon (or at least my epic fail internet) so I need to make this a quick post. 
Now, I have swatched this before (see here) but my picture wasn't very good so I decided to just try it again. lol. This is a burgundy holographic nail polish from one of my favorite local brands, Bobbie (from their Holoprism Collection). My camera couldn't really capture the rainbows (like it did here) but I swear they're there. Hihi. 
Anyway, I just noticed I have 132 followers! Woohoo! Thank you for following! *happy dance* I promise I'll go over your comments tomorrow and give you back all the love you've given me (or twice as much)
. Thank you again! Good night and I'll see you soon!


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