Lightning Bolt Nails!...

Hi! We had a huge thunderstorm last last night and I'm still feeling a wee bit traumatized. You see, I was driving when this lightning bolt lit up the sky and kept on doing it for five minutes straight. It was a good thing I was already inside our subdivision because I swerved a little (okay, a lot) when that happened. *shudders* Who knows what accident I would've been in otherwise.... Anyway, that sorta inspired me to do a lightning bolt manicure. 
I had a really hard time doing this one. *coughs* As some of you may notice, the lightning bolts on my forefinger and pinky are just... wrong... Hihi. I tried to draw them using a nail art brush but I guess I failed. I used tapes while doing the other three but I got tired of cutting them up, hence the two disasters. I also tried to shake things up a bit by reversing the colors for my ring finger and thumbnail but I don't really like the overall effect. *sighs*
Still, all of them looked good from a distance so that made me very happy. lol. Well, that's it for now. Happy weekend everyone! Good night and see you again tomorrow!

P.S. I used Bobbie's Pina Colada for the yellow parts and Chic's Black Velvet for the black parts.


  1. I love to do nail arts! :) Hope we could follow each other and share ideas :)

  2. very cute and sorry about that hun thank god your okay :)

    1. Thanks! Yup, really glad I didn't get in accident.

  3. it makes me think of pikachu pokemon! :D

  4. Replies
    1. Oooohhhh...! You mean, Uma's yellow jumpsuit?


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