Magnet-ficent Violet 201!...

VI201 10 mL
Php 79.75 / $ 1.92

Hi! I would like to show you one of Bobbie's Magnet-ficent collection. They released eight of them but I only have seven so far (and I chose the violet one first, hehe).
This nail polish has a magnet attached to its cap (either an asterisk or a striped design) and instructions on how to use it. I applied two coats first and then a thick third coat before using it. Now, I have a wee bit problem regarding this flat magnet. My nails are really curved so the design only appeared on the center of my nails where the magnet is closest to. *sighs* 
Still, the price is right and the formula's good too so I definitely urge you to try at least one of them. I mean, Bobbie is a local nail polish brand so let's support our own. Hehe. 

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