Mint Daquiri!...

Php 29.75 / $ 0.69 

I did my nails while watching the Korean variety show Running Man (vs Big Bang! kyaaaaa~) so I was a tad excited and didn't do that good a job at applying even coats and everything else. 
The polish was a little too thin for my taste. I mean, I applied around 4 coats but I can still see my nails underneath. But its brush was thin making it very easy to apply and it's toxin-free! Wow!
I'd definitely recommend this for semi-formal occasions because it made my fingers look longer and more elegant, hahahaha. Oh yeah, for those who don't know, mint daquiri is a type of drink and Bobbie has a nail collection dedicated to drinks so I'll definitely find the others. Anyway, It's very hot right now so I'm going to hide somewhere cold and pray that evening will come sooner.

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