Black French Tips with Konad Stamp!...

Php 40.00 / $ 0.94

Hi there! It's been a while since I last posted so I wanted to do something cool for a change. First, I made black french tips using my french tip guides and then I used my Konad Nail Stamping Kit and tadaaa!
 This stamp is the one from the Konad Image Plate M8, the one that's right in the middle. I think it's a Chinese character for love. Anyway, I used Chic's Black Velvet for both the french tips and the stamps. The stamps are not that defined in my pictures, no matter what angle I tried. It's my first time using an ordinary nail polish rather than the "special" Konad polish for stamping but I guess it sorta worked this time because it had that Chinese calligraphy effect. I mean, it's like I wrote the characters myself, mwahahahaha. 

Anyway, hope you liked it and expect to see more of this stamp design because it's one of my favorites. Good night and see you tomorrow!


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