Forever 21 Speckled Nail Polishes - Light Blue/Black and Pink/Black Swatches

A long looong time ago, I stumbled upon some Forever 21 nail polishes on eBay. I thought that Forever 21 only sells clothes/apparel so I was extremely curious about how good these polishes are. I immediately bought four of them. lol. And here are the first two - a couple of "speckled" polishes that are just perfect for Easter. 

Light Blue/Black 14.78 mL
Php 160 / US$ 3.60

Sadly enough, this polish has no name except for Light Blue/Black. Hmmm. I shall name you LBB! lol. LBB is a light blue polish filled with small black hex glitters. It's so light that it looks almost white from afar but there's still just a hint of blue underneath.
I'm pretty impressed with LBB's opacity. I only used two coats for these swatches and I got a load of glitters per swipe. Formula was awesome and everything glided on smoothly.

Here's a closer look at the glitters. I also added a matte top coat just for fun. Oh, and I tried doing some stamping on top of it too but I failed. *sighs*

Pink/Black 14.78 mL
Php 160 / US$ 3.60

Just like LBB, this one only has the name Pink/Black written at the back. I therefore name it PB. lol. PB is a light pink polish filled with small black hex glitters. It's basically the pink version of LBB.
And just like LBB, this is also very opaque. And its formula is very awesome too. Good thing I'm on a no buy or I might be spending all my money on buying more of this brand's polishes. lol.

One last closer look before I go. I added a matte top coat on this one too. I think it made it look like strawberry and chocolate chips ice cream. Hihi. Thank you all for dropping by today! What do you think? Which one's your favorite? I have to say good bye now but I'll definitely see you again soon! Toodles~


  1. Love the light blue one :)

  2. Omg i didn't know Forever 21 did nail polishes either! These are really cute, and I like the look of the light blue one. It really looks white but in the bottle it looks blue. They look really good as a matte polish.

    1. Thanks Nyxie! Maybe you can look at the nearest Forever 21 store there and tell us what you find. Hehe.


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