Color Trends Wicked Mistress Swatches!...

color trends wicked mistress nail polish swatch
Wicked Mistress 11 mL
Php 19.75 / US$ 0.42

Hi everyone! Nails by Chic Centre, a local brand, recently released the Midnight Diva collection for their Color Trends nail polish line. It has five different shades and I was lucky enough to grab two of them before I banned myself from buying more. lol. Here are my swatches of the first one.

color trends wicked mistress nail polish swatch
Wicked Mistress is a deep, dusky plum polish with an orange-ish purple shimmer that can be seen on certain angles. Formula's a little sheer but you can achieve color pay-off in three coats. My bottle's brush had a couple of wonky strands but nothing a good snip can't fix.
color trends wicked mistress nail polish swatch
Wicked Mistress may look like your ordinary plum polish but that hint of orange shimmer makes it more special. It's perfect for that vampy night out. Hihi. What do you think? Will you buy it too? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for dropping by! I'll see you again tomorrow!

I've been working on a post about all the chemicals found inside nail polish and I've googled most of the terms but I want to confirm what I've found online. Do you know any chemists who might be willing to answer some of my questions? Thanks in advance!


  1. I love a PLUM nail lacquer! Oh how awesome-sauce! Glad you got this! Looks beautiful.


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