Chic Kiss Mint Nail Polish Swatches!...

Kiss Mint 10 mL
Php 31.75 / US$ 0.69

Hi everyone! This will be another quick post about this unique mint polish I saw while browsing through my untried stash. I think I bought this last year at the local drugstore. It was one of those oooohhh-this-looks-good-I-wanna-try-it-oooh-it's-cheap-I'm-gonna-buy-it moments. *face palm*

Kiss Mint is a mint polish with a pinkish blue shimmer. The color is gorgeous but the polish itself is soooo thin I had to apply at least nine coats! Eeeeek. As you can see, my nail line's still visible under it. Good thing I was binge watching Grey's Anatomy or I would've gone crazy while waiting for this to dry.
Now that I think about it, maybe Kiss Mint will be better layered over an opaque mint polish. Hmmmm. I'll try it next time. What do you think? Thanks for dropping by and supporting this blog! Good bye and I'll see you again tomorrow!


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