Chic Touch of Tan?...


CHIC Touch of Tan
BOBBIE Matte Top Coat

Hi! Did you miss me? lol. Now, first of all, every single post I've scheduled for this week didn't publish themselves... *face palm*.. I don't really know what happened but I swear I did everything properly. *sighs*.. I will probably post them during the next few days so I can avoid backlogs. Sorry I didn't check them sooner. Anyway, this is the first one of them. Hihi. I talked about my "nude" or "neutral" nails. Enjoy!

I'm not really of a fan of neutral colors because I think it's... uhmm.. a little boring. I mean, there are tons of nail art techniques that I want to try and I just don't have the time to sport them! Hihi. Anyway, I will be going to a burial soon and I don't want to call that much attention to my nails (caviar nails? definitely a no-no) so I decided to try going "nude". 

I applied two coats of Touch of Tan first then paused and looked at my nails. I wasn't that satisfied with how they turned out so... I added a matte top coat... And wow! I love the effect! It's like my nails are now just extensions of my fingers. And it's also very caramel-y. lol. This will definitely be my go-to neutral nails from now on. What do you think? Hehe. Anyway, thanks for dropping by! Good night and I'll see you again soon!

I have a itchy funny feeling in the back of my throat. *sighs* The weather's been really wacky these past couple of days (really cold during the nights and really hot during the days) so I think my body's protesting a little. Here's hoping I won't catch the flu. Hihi. Oh, and is Google Reader back? I thought it would be gone by July but it's still there. Anyone knows something? Thanks. 


  1. Nice! :) It looks good with a top coat.

    I am Jenniya

  2. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful. I already have bobbie brow matte, and omg sunny tan, will try this

  3. Hey Kat! The same thing happened to me one time. You have to hit "publish" after you schedule them. Then they will post on the day & time you scheduled. Hope that helps! That's a great neutral and looks awesome with the matte coat. The great thing about neutrals is that they go with everything.

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks! I hit "publish" after typing it and though the post is among my published ones, it didn't show up here. I think it was one of those bad days for Blogger. lol.


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