Caronia Moss Reswatched!...

Moss 8 mL
Php 32.00 / US$ 0.73

Hi! Most of my Caronias dried out... I was trying to reorganize my stash (and shake every polish) when I discovered this sad fact. *sighs* Oh well. I'll try to revive some of them using solvent but they won't be the same anymore. Thankfully, this gorgeous polish survived. Whew~

Moss is a dark, dusky green polish with just a hint of shimmer in it. I applied only two coats to achieve full coverage and then added a top coat. Formula was still very good. It was still self-leveling and no streaks or bubbles occurred. Woohoo!
One last shot before I go to sleep. This is definitely fit for the Christmas season. Hihi. Thanks for dropping by! Good bye and I'll see you again soon.

I just chopped my hair off... I don't know why I did it.... I think I'm starting to go crazy... I want to dye it purple next time... Hahahaha.. Oh, and the post office just texted me and said I have some packages (yes, package with an S, lol) waiting for me. *winks* This definitely calls for a nail mail post.


  1. I love that color! Moss! I need that in my nail polish stash. I don't think I have any green except a mint green. Oooh I love packages! HAHAHA Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Kim! Go and buy something like this asap. lol.

  2. beautiful color:)
    Pretty nails!:)

    Kisses from Poland!:)
    My nails:

  3. such a pretty almost military greenish look


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