OMG Jive!...

10 mL
Php 18.75 / US$ 0.43

Hi! I'm sorry for the late post. I fell asleep while waiting for my laptop to load. lol. Anyway, I have another OMG for you today. It's called Jive and it is part of their second launch of colors. It is also one of my favorite blue nail polishes.

Jive has a dark blue shade with just a hint of dark teal in it. It's a little bluer and lighter when compared to Dazzle Dry's Mythic Teal but both of them are still pretty. Hihi.
Jive's formula is amazing (it's opaque in just one coat) and its drying time's fabulous. Hihi. Although I didn't wait in between coats and continued applying, no bubbles or streaks occurred. Woohoo! (Sorry for the photo at the left, the sun was setting so I was scrambling to take a shot. lol).
Of course, being the insane person that I am, I also applied a matte top coat. lol. My nails now look like dark blue dinner plates. Haha. I love it! Maybe I'll always apply a matte top coat when I swatch something. rofl. Anyway, thanks for dropping by! I have to go clean my room now soon. Good bye and I'll see you again tomorrow!

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. I've been improving my blog bit by bit and I am now thinking of ideas on what to do on my "about me" page. I want it to be cool and unique so it may take some time. lol. Thank you again! I just feel so happy I have awesome readers!


  1. Hi! mAY i know what brand of matte topcoat did you use? :)

  2. Amazing colour! I do like this polish better with the matte top coat, actually! xD And I personally think this colour is a bit prettier than the brown China glaze one you did a review last time! C:

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    1. Thanks! I love this with the matte top coat too. Hihi. We're definitely Bloglovin' friends.

  3. That's a great shade of blue! Looks good girl!

  4. WOOOOW. I like that shade! I like blue on my nails. Hihi. The formula looks good ah. I've only tried OMG's sand nail polishes and their cracks, not the regular ones. Will check this out! :)

    And it looks soooo nice matte!!!

    1. Yup, this is definitely a must buy! Hihi. They really offer a lot of cool shades.


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