My First Glitter Jelly Sandwich?...


OMG Demure
BOBBIE Matte Top Coat

Hi! I rolled out of bed this morning thinking that I had to try making a glitter sandwich soon or else I'll keep dreaming about it. lol. I saw this tutorial made by my nail art idol (Natalie) and I was immediately inspired to make one using white nail polish too. Now, I had no experience at all when it comes to glitter sandwiches and I didn't have enough patience to practice sooo.... I winged it once again. Haha. 

I first applied two coats of Demure as my base coat. Then added a coat of Jocarste 8100 and another coat of Demure. I wasn't really satisfied with the outcome so I added another 8100-Demure combo. Gyaa~ I know, I applied six coats of nail polish. My nails looked a little bulky at this point so I added a matte top coat to sort of camouflage that. All that makes (voila~) my first ever and hopefully not last glitter jelly sandwich.

I really liked the effect of the matte top coat on this sandwich. (I'm quickly becoming a matte freak, lol). And my best friend liked this so much she demanded I send her a package containing everything I used. Hahaha. Maybe I will... on your birthday. *wink wink* Anyway, that's all I have for today. What do you think about this sandwich? Should I try to make some more? lol. Thanks for dropping by! Good bye and I'll see you again soon!

My nails had been in a terrible accident. I was chopping onions for breakfast when I made a wrong move and hacked the edge of my (fore)fingernail. Waaa~ I had to cut all my nails again to match the length of the one on my forefinger. Of course, now that I think about it, I was really lucky I didn't chop my finger off.... *shivers*... Thank you, God!


  1. you did a fabulous job! i love the glitter jelly sandwich look you came up with. fabulous! girl!!! i'm going to take all the knives away from you. hahahaha i'm so glad it wasnt' your actual finger. slow it down! be careful doll! have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Kim! Hahahaha. I promise I'll try not to chop my finger off.

  2. you did great this is pretty

  3. Omg, love your blog!


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