Caress Argentina!...

Argentina 10 mL
Php 22.75 / US$ 0.52

Hi! I was trying to organize (again?, lol) my nail art things because my family went a little nuts (and demanded I do all their nails, haha) when I stumbled upon this gorgeous nail polish. It's made by a local brand called Caress and it's been a while since I've tried one on so... here we go. lol.

Argentina has this brownish pink hue with just a hint of orange underneath. It's a little sheer so I had to apply four thin coats to achieve full coverage. It's almost like a jelly but it's just a bit more pigmented. 
Now, what really surprised me is its formula. Although I applied four coats (and a top coat) almost simultaneously, no bubbles or streaks appeared. I mean, wow... just wow! Anyway, I've been looking for some nail art challenges around and I want to do something soon. lol. Thanks for dropping by! Good bye and I'll see you again soon!

Do you have any nail art you want to see? I mean, I have waaaay too much ideas going around inside my head and I'm scared I'll go crazy soon. Hahaha. Help! 


  1. Kat, you are amazing at picking out nail polish colors. You kill me! All of mine look the frickin same. LOL This is so pretty and unique! Looks awesome on your nails doll. LOL Did family take advantage of you? HAHAHAHA

    1. Thank you Kim! Hihi. I don't really pick.. I just buy them all... Hahaha. Yup, they definitely did! Hahahahaha.

  2. love the length of your nails and this is a pretty color


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