Funky Black and White Decals!...

Weeeeeee..... I really love the design on my nails today. It's filled with these cool, funky, black and white shapes that remind me of paper windmills (or paper pinwheels). I feel ready to disco or boogie or something. lol.
Anyway, I have a ton of pre-cut water decals left and though I want to share all of them at once, my nail polishes are screaming for attention. lol. I still have a lot  of bottles that I haven't shown you so I'll go back to swatches tomorrow. If you see anything on my list that you want me to swatch, just let me know and I'll try my best to comply. 
Good night for now and see you again tomorrow.


  1. Loved the design...found you on blog hop and followed you :)

  2. love this! I have some bow decals sitting in my ebay shopping basket! are they easy to use? :) xx


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