Gold Foil Water Decals!...

*sighs* The lights went out while I was applying these decals so I'm not sure if I applied them correctly. Still, I promised you a week of water decals so here goes...
They were smooth before I applied a top coat but after I did, they just crumpled like hell. (Is it just me, the decal or the top coat?). My nails now remind me of gold aluminum foils, like the ones you usually use in baking or something. lol.
Anyway, hope you had a good weekend. Good night and see you again tomorrow!


  1. I've used nail decals before and I've never applied a top coat (they don't need it, they last forever on their own!). Not sure if that is why this happened to you, but maybe try going without one next time?

    1. I've tried that before, they faded and chipped like hell and only lasted for two hours. Maybe it's because I used cheap ones.

  2. lmao guuuuuuuuurl ur too much haha.. awee the colors nice though haha i love that u posted this even though it wasnt perfect..


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