Hi! This is one of the scheduled posts I made just in case I couldn't blog (because of blackouts, dying computers, epic fail connections, upset stomach, etc). So, tadaa!...
I really love how my nails looked. It's like I sketched some bamboos on my nails (using a pencil or charcoal). Cool, right? It's one of those pre-cut water decals thingy so it took less than ten minutes to do my manicure.
Anyway, I hope you love it too. Good night and see you again tomorrow!


  1. ooh this is cool! i've always wanted to try water decals. You're making me want to try it even more now :P

  2. I love it! So pretty & unique!

  3. OMG! I love it, it's sooo pretty!

    I am now following your blog!



  4. Oh cool! This turned out really well!

  5. looks amazing! thanks for all ur lovely comments, I followed you already ^^

  6. u killed it lol i thought u did this yourself you woulda fooled me hehe.. great job second time around? love it girly! damn where do u live that ur having blackouts thats not fun?

    1. I live in the Philippines and I'm not really sure why we keep experiencing blackouts. Anyway, thanks. Hehe. I'm glad you love it.

  7. Oohh I like this one! Makes you forget the summer heat!


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