Php 27.75 / $ 0.64

Loooove this grainy or sandy nail polish from Chic! I applied just 2 coats of this and I'm already happy (a rare occurrence nowadays). I really want to use this again and again and maybe I will. Bwahaha.
Anyway, I gotta keep this post short because I'm a little busy trying to design a good layout for this blog. I mean, the colors need to be cute and cool! (Is that even possible?) I keep on making and then deleting backgrounds left and right and I just can't decide. Bah! I think I need to sleep now and then wake up around midnight later to try again. 
So, goodbye for now and see you again tomorrow! 


  1. Hello there babe,

    with regards to threading, if it's your first time, it's really painful.. but if you do it regularly, i'm sure you'll get used to it na.. hehehe :)

    Followed you babe!


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