Php 27.75 / $ 0.65

*sighs* my laptop died again today so to kill time waiting for it to resurrect, I did my nails. My color of the day: purple. <3
I love Bobbie nail polishes (they're toxin-free!!) though this was a little too thin for me but it was still easy to apply even coats (that's my Bobbie! lol).
Gosh, it's sooooo hot in my room right now. With the sun shining right above my window, I feel myself melting!!! Melting, I tell you! Ugh, I hate summer. I also forgot to bring my camera's tripod *slaps forehead*. I was planning to create a how-to post but alas! *sighs*. Still, I hope you have a cooler day than mine and see you tomorrow.

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