Gala Dots!...

Tadaaaa! Okay, I'll say it. I just grabbed the nearest nail art tool that I have (which was the dotting tool) and tried to create something without actually planning anything.
Now, I used Style Essentials' Gala nail polish as the base and then I tried to create some waves using the only black polish that I have, Chic's Black Velvet. I tried really hard to do some smooth waves but I guess I can't control my hand that well yet. I then used the dotting tool to create a *yin and yang design*-ish. After making sure that all of the nail polish I've applied is dry, I used a top coat to even out the bumps here and there. Still, I wasn't satisfied with all of that soooooo I used my mattifying (mattefying? matte-fying? lol) top coat. Bwahahaha. I then took this picture.
I looooove the color of my nails right now. Hihi. I'll definitely post about my base coat again later. Anyway, I hope you like this and I'll say goodbye for now and see you again tomorrow!

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