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N.NAIL QA21 from KKCenterHk

Hiiii! Sorry I haven't been around that much. All of the work I couldn't do last week (because of the multiple brownouts) came crashing down on me this week and I barely have enough time to sleep. Luckily, I managed to free up a couple of hours today to test out another awesome plate I got from KKCenterHk. Woohoo!

This is N.Nail Animal Pattern Zebra Leopard Giraffe Tiger Stamp Plate SPPQA21. It contains five full nail images! Now, the real question is... do they cover my whole nails?

Tadaaa~ They do! They're wide enough and tall enough to fit my nails. Yipee! I stamped the right-most pattern using black stamping polish on white and white stamping polish on black. Then I added a matte top coat on top to smooth it all out. Hihi.
If you zoom in, you will see a lot of imperfections but I think it looks fine from afar. My nails remind me of a cow... Hihi. What do you think? Thank you again to KKCenterHk for sending this to me. And thank you all for dropping by! Good bye and I promise I'll see you again soon!

I have a 10% off coupon on the right to help you on your purchases. I'm just going to take a quick nap and then I'll drop by your blogs soon. Good night!


  1. Yeah, look like a cow:) But that's awesome;) And so good that it covers your nails completly:)

  2. I loveee this manicure!
    It looks so amazing on your nails ;)

    Xx Julia

  3. hey kat! those are really cool. it's like they give an inverted effect. love the black & white and animal prints. awesome! haha! i've been busy too. been only posting 3 days a week. LIFE! hope all is well doll and thanks for commenting on my blog.

    1. Thanks Kim! Hihi. Hope all is well with you too!


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