YouTube FanFest Philippines 2015

YouTube usually hold FanFests for their millions of viewers and I remember seeing some epic ones from abroad. When I received news that one will be held here in my country, I was beyond excited. When I received an invitation to attend from, I went nuts. lol. It happened last Friday night and I took a ton of photos I want to share with you because it was definitely one of the most memorable experiences in my life.

Warning: Lots of pictures ahead.

We were first greeted by a humongous LCD screen at the center and two more vertical ones at the side. 

After ten minutes of playing music and videos, we start off with a performance by rappers Abra, LDP, Loonie and Ron Henley.

Then *cue screams* vloggers Caspar Lee, Oli White and Joe Sugg came out. After a brief who-is-the-most-likely-to game, Bogart the Explorer joined them onstage for a quick lesson on how to pronounce FanFest. lol. #Jaspoli, anyone?

After that, Kristine of Realasianbeauty and Anna Victorino gave a lucky girl a Head-2-Toe makeover.

Chicser and Mich Liggayu also danced to some lively tunes.

Here's Lloyd Cadena hosting a Stik-O challenge featuring his fellow YouTubers.

We have some more awesome performances from Jireh Lim, Allstar Productions and Donnalyn Bartolome.

Bogart came out again and had a drum showdown with the host Dominic James Lau.

Afterwards, Jaspoli ran onstage and shared a group hug with the girl who started the hashtag that brought the YouTubers here in Manila. *awwwww*

Bethany Mota then shared a clip of her adventure in Intramuros with a surprise appearance by at the end. performed with Jessica Reynoso and were later joined by Loonie and Abra for a head bopping performance of "Where's the Love". Not to be outdone, AJ Rafael also had the crowd singing and waving along.

Last but not least, Macy Kate, Kurt Hugo Schneider and Bethany Mota finished the night strong with their own performances. Woot!

Oh, and here's a quick photo of my nails that day. A simple white mani with a YouTube play button on my accent nail. And there you have it! A fun-filled night made just for YouTube fans! Hope to see more FanFests in the future! Thank you all for dropping by~ I'll see you again soon~

Thank you again to for making it possible for me to be there. If you don't have an account yet, do sign up and add me there. Aside from chatting and playing games, we have a chance to go to more awesome events like this! Wooohooo! Once more, thank you thank you thank you team for making the impossible (tickets were sold out within minutes) possible! Weeee~

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