Naked Nails, Parking, Sumo Sam and Chaos

Hi everyone! I've been thinking of ways on how I can be closer to you and I've finally come up with a new series called Life of Kat. Here you'll find random moments that happened to me this past week - things that made me feel happy, sad, frustrated and more. It'll be a glimpse into the life of a crazy nail blogger. Hihi. 

My nails are naked. 
I've been trying new dynamic poses for my photos. 
What do you think? 

While doing that, I left all my nail polish on top of my bed.
Hehe. So many distractions, so little time.

I found out that Lucy from Lucy's Stash followed me on Instagram!
Like, whoa!
And Robert Nguyen of nailguytv said my nail art's awesome!
Like, whoa, whoa!

Would you like to Share a Coke with Kat? Hehe.
I swear to God that's a random Coke bottle my mom bought in a sari-sari store nearby.
So cool!

One of my pet peeves. Very nice, parking, sir.
Nailed it! You're right on the line! 

Lastly, I tried taking food porn shots. I failed...
We ate at Sumo Sam 
We had Bacon Dory (left), Pork Katsudon (middle), Beef with Corn (right).
My sister ate some of her rice before I got to take a nice picture. 
Faster than the speed of light. lol.

And that's all that's happened to me this week. How about you? How did your week go? 


  1. I think it's a great idea and I can't wait to see more blog posts like this in the future ^-^
    By the way, I don't think you failed at your foodporn pics, it looks so delish, I am craving for your food right now *____*

  2. that's cool! wish they had coke with my name on it

  3. I like the shape of your natural nail as well!
    Wow all those nail polishes!


  4. HaHa Kat! Your nails look funny without polish! They're super healthy! That guy doesn't know how to park. HAHAHA Or he doesn't want anyone parking near him. LOL Love this! Love your new nail pose. Love the Coke bottle with your name.

    1. I know, right? I feel weird seeing my naked nails. Hahahaha. Thanks Kim!

  5. This is very adorable post :D I am looking forward for more. I always enjoy your writing. It makes me happy and it a great way to know more about you :D

    1. Awwwwww. Thank you so much! I'm glad I made you smile! Hihi.


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