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Hi everyone! I recently joined this awesome group called Hobby Polish Bloggers. I've learned a ton of nail blogging stuff from all the discussions we have over there. And this month we have a Halloween inspired linkup happening. I've wanted to do a sugar skull nail art since forever and when I saw Twentysixnails' 3D version of it on google, I knew I had to do it now.

As you may have deduced from my Stash list, I have hoarding tendencies. So when I say I bought fimo canes, I mean I bought 200 fimo canes. And I'm ecstatic to finally use 10 fimo slices... yes, I know I'm crazy but they're just sooo cuute! How can one not buy them? lol. 

Here's a close up look of what I did on all of my nails. First, I applied three coats of white nail polish. While the third coat was still wet, I stuck (embedded? pushed?) on the fimo slices as the eyes of the skull. Then I drew the skulls' faces using black polish. Finally, I added some rhinestones to add some more color.

What do you think? I like how colorful it looks but the fimo slices just keep snagging on everything especially my hair. They're driving me nuts! I think they won't survive the day. Oh well. At least they look goood~ lol. Thank you all for dropping by! Gotta go now. I'll see you again tomorrow!

I'm going on a 2-day trip tomorrow so I won't have my laptop with me. But I have my Samsung phone so I'll still be on Instagram. In the meantime, check out the other awesome Halloween manis below.


  1. These are really fun! I love the look of the fimo :) I can never get 3D stuff on my nails to stay on for very long either!

  2. Awesome mani! I love the 3-D element to it.

  3. I love that they all have slightly different facial features and the flowers really make them POP!

  4. Very creative and so colorful! And you got to use the FIMO canes! Even if they only lasted the day they really looked great!

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  6. These make me smile, they are stunning and beautiful!!

  7. Cute! What a great use of fimo slices! I imagine they would annoy me as well, but very cute!

  8. Kat, you did a spectacular job! I love that design! Looks so good.

  9. This is really fun and cute! I love how colorful it is. :) I would be amazed if the flowers stayed on your nails past a day. I'm so clumsy that they probably wouldn't even dry before I knocked them off. :) Have fun on your trip!

    ~ Yun

  10. Oh my this looks just too beautiful!
    Love this nail art creation <3

    Thanks for sharing ;)
    xx julia


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