Simple Halloween Pumpkin Nail Art!...

halloween pumpkin nail art
CHIC Black Velvet
CHIC Silky White

m33 from this random store I found

Hi everyone! This will be a quick post to show you my entry for the "Pumpkin" theme of the October Nail Ideas Linkup. I was aiming for a simple Halloween design but it may be too simple. Hmmmm...

halloween pumpkin nail art
I wanted it to look spooky and creepy so I deliberately smudged the design. I also added a couple of dots of a lighter version of Salmon on their eyes to make them look menacing. Then voila~ a simple Halloween nail art is made.
halloween pumpkin nail art
What do you think? I know I'm a week too early but I'm starting to feel the Halloween vibes around me. Oh, and I've never tasted pumpkin before... What does that taste like? lol. Thank you all for dropping by! Good bye for now and I'll see you again tomorrow!


  1. Wow those pumkins looks so scary but beautiful :)
    I love the background shade that you used as well <3

    Xx julia

  2. You did a great job Kat! Good luck doll!


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