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CHIC Black Velvet
CHIC Silky White
KAND Black Stamping Polish
KAND White Stamping Polish

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Hi! I'm sorry I didn't blog that much last week. I sort of had an unexpected caffeine crash. I learned my lesson and I won't drink coffee anymore. Hihi. Now, this post shows a manicure I made for the weekly challenge at my favorite local nail group. The main theme was black and white. I tried to do something uhmm... glittery.. but then I noticed my stamping gear gathering dust at the corner so tadaaa~ I stamped instead. Hehe. 

I first applied two coats of Black Velvet on my accent nails and three coats of Silky White on the rest of my nails. Then I decided to stamp this flowery design using the opposite color.
That sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, I spent around three hours trying to get all the designs just right. I keep stamping then removing then stamping again and again. In the end, I sort of gave up so you can see some flaws here and there. lol.
Now, in order to help hide said flaws, I also applied a matte top coat. What do you think? Hihi. I really hope you like it. Thanks for dropping by! I have to go continue organizing my crazy collection. lol. Good bye and I'll see you again soon!

I promise I'll post regularly again. I just suffered a little last week (from coffee, stress and life). Things are back to normal now... I hope. Hehe. Thank you for all your love, understanding and support!


  1. Dw i cant see any flaws what so ever! :) great job xx

  2. i love this nail art so much! Black & white in flowery design is very beautiful. :)

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  3. This looks so charm! Love this design so much!

  4. hey kat! that was me two weeks ago. LOL i was definitely stressed out. so no worries. glad you're doing better doll. you are the stamp queen! you did a great job! i get so intimidated with nail design. here's to a better week doll.

    1. Hi Kim! I'm glad we survived those weeks! Hehe. And thank you so much! I tried my best to make this mani pretty. Hope you have a better week as well.

  5. It's pretty! I love it! Black and white manis always look so elegant and polished. :)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thanks Yun! Black and white is definitely the classiest combination of all time.


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