Ebalay Sweet Pink Glitter Polish #024!...

Sweet Pink #024 15 mL
US$ 7.82 / Php 342.01 (see here)

Hi! I went to the post office yesterday to pick up an awesome package that KKCenterHk sent me. Inside it are two awesome nail polishes. Woohoo! I tried one on today and I immediately wanted to show it to you. I also took a couple of macro shots for you. Hihi.

Holy macro shots! I used my phone's camera to take macro shots of the bottle and my swatch on a swatch wheel. Isn't it so pretty? (You can click on the picture to zoom in.)
Ebalay Sweet Pink Shiny Glitter Nail Polish (EBALAY-J024) contains big light pink hexagonal glitters, big and small matte white hexagonal glitters, matte white bar glitters and blue/purple micro glitters. All of these are suspended in a clear base which I think makes this perfect for future glitter sandwiches.
I added two coats on top of a black base coat for full contrast (I really wanted to highlight all the glitters in the polish). Formula was amazing! I was really surprised with how smooth each layer was. There were no glitters poking out! I didn't need to add a top coat to level everything. Weeee~
Of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't try to add a matte top coat. Hihi. The matte effect made the micro glitters more obvious. I love it! Thanks again KKCenterHk! Don't forget to use my coupon NAILSMYDREAMS to get 10% off on your purchases. Thanks for dropping by! Good bye and I'll see you again soon! Have a great weekend!

This will be jotted down as the nail polish that started Kat's glitter craze... I am hooked! lol. 


  1. This is a great combo! The glitters really stand out against the black base. :)

    ~ Yun

  2. It is like FUNfetti for your nails! I love the black background with pink glitter. NICE!

    1. Thanks Kim! FUNfetti is exactly what I was going for!


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