San San Metallic Lilac!...

Metallic Lilac 12 mL
Php 37.00 / US$ 0.85

Hi! This is my first time trying on this local brand. San San can be found in HBC stores nationwide and I really like the fact that their nail polishes are covered in tape. I mean, I can be sure that no one tested it! I hate it when I see people opening nail polishes, trying them on and then putting them back like nothing happened. Sorry, just a major pet peeve of mine that I encountered a while ago. Ugh. Anyway, I currently have three colors in my stash (Metallic Lilac, Perfectly Pink and Tropical Lemon). Of course, I chose to try the purple one first. lol.

Metallic Lilac has this shiny, metallic light violet color with hints of pink and silver underneath. I applied three coats and a top coat for these swatches. Formula was a little sheer but still self-leveling. I also didn't encounter any streaks or bubbles so I'm very happy I tried this one on first.
One last shot under the sun before I go. Love love love it! I want to buy more of this brand but I'm still on a diet. Haha. Thanks for dropping by! Good bye and I'll see you again soon.

I'm watching Cake Boss right now and I want to bake a cake!! lol. Or at least play with play dough and sculpt something. My head's full of ideas and  think I need to release some of them soon or I'll go crazy.  Hehe.


  1. That is so tacky to do! I hate when people do that with ANY kind of makeup. Uggh! Ok, this lilac color takes things to a new level. What a way to spice it up! I love it!!! Because regular lilac can get so boring. Looks fabulous on you.

    1. Thanks Kim! Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks this. I wanted to glare at them so badly... ugh...


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