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Hi! As some of you may know, Born Pretty Store sent some of their products to me for review (see epic nail mail here). I finally found enough time (and sunshine) to take some photos today to show you one of the cool things I got.

This huge thing that is so huge I had to borrow someone's huge high-tech phone to take a shot of is called 11 pcs Black Stripe Nail Water Stickers Nail Art Decals. lol. This is on sale for US$ 3.99 or Php 174. It was folded in half so I was pleasantly surprised when I went home and opened the whole thing. It has 11 different patterns in both black and white and I went nuts trying to choose one. In the end, I just closed my eyes and went ee-nee-mee-nee-my-nee-moe.... Haha. 

I used the BLE864 designs as funky french tips and added an accent nail using it too. Now, I've tried water decals before but these were a little trickier to use mainly due to their sizes. If you're not careful, they will twist unto themselves in the water. lol. Still, nothing drastic happened because water decals can easily be moved around if your nails are wet. 

I also only used around two strips to achieve this look on one hand and now that I think about it, I can achieve at least 21 nail art looks more in the future. Wow. That's like Php 8 (or US$ 0.18) per look. Definitely worth my money. Hehe. Thank you Born Pretty Store for sending these to me! And thank you all for dropping by! I hope you like my simple nail look. Good bye and I'll see you again soon!

If you scroll down, you can see the number of days since I've bought something. lol. I am a little proud of myself for my restraint. Hihi. Every time I want to buy something, I'll look at this timer and think to myself, oh, I still have a lot of untried stuffs left... Of course, looking at eBay listings (and finding awesome deals) is killing me. Hahaha.


  1. Kat, you did an amazing job with the application of these. Your nails look fabulous! They really sent you a variety to choose from. It's a very pretty look. Good for you on the shopping ban! Don't look at eBay! You will always find a good deal on there...Too much temptation! Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Kim! Hahahaha. I'll try not to look at eBay anymore.

  2. Hey,
    this design is lovely! :)


  3. so pretty! i wish i can do that :P


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