Dotted Nail Art?...


CHIC Silky White
SASSY Misty Lilac
SASSY Pure Black

Hi! I couldn't find my nail art brushes but I luckily stumbled upon my dotting tools so I tried to do a dotted nail art for you (key word: tried). lol.

I'm sorry I haven't blogged these past few days. My body keeps on protesting whenever I try to move it. lol. I drank some medicine yesterday so I feel stronger now. Hihi. Now, I've been wearing this nail art look since Saturday (when I met my BFF since elementary school). I tried to match my nails with my outfit that's why I chose these colors. I was wearing this cool floppy white blouse dress with a pink gradient and lots of black dots. I also wore tights underneath (I don't really have any jeans in my closet, lol).  

I first applied two coats of Sassy Pure Black as base coat and then dotted randomly using Chic Silky White and Sassy Misty Lilac. For my accent nails, I applied Silky White as the base coat and dotted using Pure Black and Misty Lilac. Of course, being a little crazy, I also applied a matte top coat on everything. lol. Anyway, I'll try to visit and comment on your lovely blogs tonight but I might fall asleep soon so I'll continue reading some tomorrow. Hihi. Good bye and I'll see you again soon!

I bought two nail polishes last Saturday so the ban wasn't that effective. I'm going to restart it (I really want that camera). I hope it lasts this time...


  1. Hey,
    what an amazing design. I love it.

  2. That's really pretty Kat! I like both the white and black background. Also the different size dots.

  3. These are super pretty!

  4. Very nice! I love the mix of colors!


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