Dazzle Dry Passion Purple!...

Passion Purple 15 mL
Php 450 / $ 10.80

Hi! I have another Dazzle Dry to show you! Isn't it pretty? lol. I thought I gave all my love to Mythic Teal but Passion Purple stole some of it back. The color's a very deep purple that shimmers whenever the light hits it. The formula was very good (no streaks at all) and of course, I finished applying this manicure in only 5 minutes! Woohoo~
Also, Dazzle Dry Philippines opened their online store. Drop by there to experience the wonderful Dazzle Dry nail system just like I did. That's it for now, good night and I'll see you again tomorrow!


  1. very pretty. but expensive :( I hope to own even one bottle of dazzle dry.. wishlist! :)

    1. They hold a nail art challenge every so often. Try joining for a chance to win one.


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