Php 350.00 / $ 8.19

Tadaaaaaa! This is my very first (and hopefully not last) China Glaze nail polish. It's obviously very expensive (compared to my other nail polish) so it took me a while to buy it.
It's this cool shade of silver that only took me two coats to achieve. Hehe. My mother is also wearing it (she usually stays away from grays and blacks but she was interested in this one, (**,)) and loving it too. 
Now, I don't know about the other bottles but this one is very strong. I mean, VERY STRONG. You see, to my eternal horror, the bottle rolled all the way down the stairs (my hand was a little sweaty, sorry (>.<)). I immediately thought, "Humaygad, it's broken! 350 pesos gone! Gyaaa~" but amazingly, it's still alive! Hahahaha. Thank you god!
Anyway, I think I'll do another nail art post soon. Hihi. Good night and see you tomorrow!

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