Black Pearl!...

Php 31.00 / $ 0.72

I bought this nail polish mainly because it's purple (my favorite color) and I was curious about the brand. Now, as I was waiting for it to dry (after two coats), I noticed that every time my fingers move, it changes color! Like, whoa, awesome!
If you hold your fingers at a certain angle (or like I'm doing in the picture), it will turn to this deep purple shade. At another angle, it will turn dark pink. I couldn't capture the dark pink shade because in order to achieve that shade, my fingers have to be perpendicular to the camera, huhu. Anyway, I just looooove the way it changes color! This is definitely a must-buy.
I just know that there are more of them out there and I will definitely find them! lol. Anyway, good night and see you again tomorrow!


  1. Hi, found you on the Blog love therapy blog hop blog! :D I love the swirly design you have done, very pretty!x

  2. hi! found you from the blog hop!

  3. just found your blog from bloghop and i LOVE it miss!
    happy to be your newest follower <3
    say hi back sometime?
    happy tuesday!

  4. found u from blog hop hope u check out mine take care girl!


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